Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baylor's Speech Therapy

Baylor's speech therapist, Megan, comes every Friday to our home to provide services through Early Steps to help Baylor catch up with his speech. Since she has started coming 5 months ago, I have seen a slow, but progressive change in Baylor. She has been working on teaching him sign language for eat, more and please. The only thing it seems he will do is more: when he's hungry, when he wants something I have or wants to play outside. Even though I work with teaching him eat and please, he still only wants to sign more, but we are happy with that, seeing that he's still communicating to us in some form when he wants something.

Megan reads to Baylor, teaches him about different animals, colors and shapes, plays games with him and works with his eating problem. (Which has drastically improved and is almost not an issue anymore). He follows directions very well now, knows where his belly button and nose are, can turn off/on the t.v. when asked and so much more that he wasn't even attempting 5 months ago. Baylor is also now reading books on his own for more than 3 or 4 minutes at a time, where as before, I couldn't get him to even turn one page without throwing it and moving on to something else.

A few weeks ago, Megan suggested that Baylor have an additional day of therapy, this time with a special instructor. He had seemed to progress well the first few months but seemed to plateaued the last few. The special instructor would just reiterate what Megan was working on with Baylor, plus help him with his cognitive learning skills. Megan took the time to check into someone and get Baylor approved for another day. Mrs. Amy, Baylor's new therapist, comes on Mondays and she is wonderful! Within her 1st two visits, Amy had Baylor pointing to items/animals in a book when she asked, had him saying "eye" and attempting to say horse with "ha". I am so grateful to have both of these ladies helping Baylor progress as well as he has. We will continue on with therapy until right before he turns 3 in December and if he still needs it, it will still be provided but through the school system. Early Steps can still provide therapy, no matter where Baylor is (daycare, preschool, Mom's Day out, etc). I am excited to see how Baylor will progress now having Megan and Amy coming every week!

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