Saturday, July 9, 2011

Diary of a Potty Training Mom: Day 2

This morning we work up and much to my surprise, Baylor was dry! I new this was a good sign so I stripped off his diaper and to the potty we went. I sat him down and he actually stayed for a few seconds and then this is when I got the "You really think I'm going to do this?" look:

and then when he realized that I had realized he wasn't going to do this, I got this look:

So I continued reading the book for more info:

then I got to a part in the book that talked about giving your kid a "Potty Party" and I seriously contemplated it:

I don't think Baylor understands what a "party" technically is when I tell him we are going to one, much less having one. I continued reading and the book started talking about teaching your child to teach a baby doll to use the potty. I also remembered Lauren telling me this is what she did with her daughter Joey. I thought," This may actually work"!

I got a small plastic baggie and filled it with water. I left a small end unzipped and open for the water to "tinkle" out and placed it behind the baby's back to where Baylor couldn't see it. I told Baylor that the baby had to use the potty and off to the bathroom we went!

Is he kissing the baby for doing a great job using the big boy potty?... I think not! He kissed him and off he went. Then I drug Scott into it. I had Scott show Baylor how the baby gets to wear big boy underwear since he went pee-pee in the potty:

Baylor then decided that if he couldn't wear the big boy underwear, then no one could.. not even the baby!

.... and on the floor they went with him running in the other direction with a naked baby. Then I took a few minutes to breath before tracking him down. Then I sat him on the potty again:

.... and nothing again.

It's only Day 2, I mean, was I really expecting him to use it by now? No. But I did think him seeing the baby peeing in the potty would interest him a little.


Day 2 Results:

Potty 0, Baylor 2.

And yet again, we will try tomorrow.

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