Friday, July 8, 2011

Diary of a Potty Training Mom: Day 1

Baylor is 31 months now and not even close to being potty trained. In fact, he only seems to find his training potty as a hiding place for his toys. With Baylor starting preschool at the end of August, I knew I had to atleast start trying to get him interested in using the potty. I know alot of kids, especially boys, are not potty trained until 3 but I don't want to send him to school with other kids that are atleast getting familiar with it. He shows some signs of readiness and then he's lacking with other signs. You can look at signs of readiness here at I hope to document daily how my potty training attempts go with Baylor until we have success. Here goes nothing!

Day 1:

I previously spoke to my friend Lauren about potty training her daughter. She recommended this book:

so I got it from the library pronto and started reading it:

I got a back up book about potty training in case this one didn't seem to fit our needs. I mean, Potty Train Your Kid In One Day?... Really? I knew this was probably not possible but I gave it a shot. I had to bribe Baylor to even come see the potty and then I introduced the two new (hopeful) best friends to one another.

Baylor, this is Potty.... Potty, this is Baylor.

Then I decided to take his diaper off and sit him on the potty so they could become a little more acquainted. Needless to say that didn't last long and he bolted:

Then I had to pull out the "positive reinforcements" to hopefully entice him into using the potty.

I explained to him that once he used the big boy potty, he could wear his big boy underwear. I let him try them on for kicks:

By this time it was time for bed so we called it quits for Day 1. We'll try again tomorrow. I'm trying to stay positive in knowing this is going to take longer than a day. I remembered what Lauren told me, "Don't listen to anyone else, do whatever works best for you and Baylor"...

Got it.

End of Day 1 results: Potty 0, Baylor 1.

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