Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baylor Dancing

I love that my son loves to dance, even if he has his father's rhythm (or maybe it's his Pop's rhythm or a combo of both)! If Baylor hears music, he will start dancing on his own, not needing us to tell him to "dance". Right now his favorite movie is Monsters vs. Aliens that his Nana bought him on her recent trip home. Just on Saturday, we watched it 3 times! There a several parts in the movie he just absolutely loves and I can see it in his face. The first is at the beginning of the movie, when "Susan's" bridesmaids go to wake her up at 5 A.M. on her wedding day. The anticipation music of them walking into the room and the surprisingly waking her up makes Baylor grin from ear to ear. He loves Susan... aka Ginormaka. He also loves when Dr. Cockroach has to do a dance sequence in the alien spaceship. At this time it plays techno music like playing Dance, Dance Revolution and I can leave and come back and he is dancing in front of the t.v. alone, not caring who's around to watch. Then at the end of the movie when they run the credits, it plays music. Yet again he starts dancing. I knew he would start dancing so I was able to grab my video camera before the music started. Make sure you watch the full video below because he stops and plays with a toy then starts back to dancing again. I hope soon I can catch a good long video of him dancing... he never seems to want to when he notices Mommy has the camera!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coin Purse from Bizzy B's

A few weeks ago, I won a giveaway from I got my coin purse in last week and put it to use in my purse immediately!

You should check out her blog... she does some really great stuff. Thanks again Bekah, love my new coin purse!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I found this simple pattern for bib making on the internet last Thursday. I was so excited to try this pattern, I think they will sale big time at the arts and crafts show 2 Posh Moms (my friend Christian and I) are participating in at a local church in November. When I went to shop for just plain, one piece fabric for the bibs, my creative mind started racing and I started mix matching fabric colors and patterns. Saturday I completed my first bib, even though you could tell it was my first, it still turned out really cute. From Saturday to Monday afternoon, I cleaned my whole house, worked in the yard, went to an Arts and Crafts festival, went out to dinner, steam cleaned my carpets in my house, did 3 loads of laundry, went to church, took Baylor to the doctor and Chick-fila and still managed to sew 6 bibs! Wow, I was multitasking for sure. I hate to gloat but I am so proud of my new found hobby in bib making. These turned out super cute as you can see:

Baylor's Surgery

After many expressed concerns to Baylor's pediatrician about his developmental delays and problems with his ears, we seeked out an ENT and found Dr. Ryan Boone. Dr. Boone ran several tests on Baylor and found fluid in both of his ears. After a round of antibiotics, the fluid still lingered so he scheduled Baylor on September 13th for tubes in both ears, his adenoids out and his frenulum under his tongue clipped. The anticipation and nervousness killed me as we crept closer to the surgery date. Baylor and I arrived at 6 a.m. to be pre-admitted. Of course he had Boo Boo Monkey in tow with him, along with his Alabama blankie. He actually sat still for maybe 5 mins. to watch cartoons and glimpse through a magazine.

Then the nurse called us back to get his temp and some more medical history from us. She didn't want to scare Baylor so she sent us back out for me to put his hospital gown on him. This is when I began to weep but it soon passed when I witnessed my sweet little man hugging the leg of a complete stranger in the waiting room! We took some pictures as we waited for Daddy to arrive (we let him sleep late)!

Daddy finally arrived and Baylor was super excited to see him! Dr. Boone came in to talk to us before surgery and told us he would update Scott and I as soon as he was done. And then the nurse took my baby and I fought back the tears. Scott and I sat in the waiting room, made a quick call and talked for a few minutes. I went to the potty and when I came out, Dr. Boone was waiting to give us our update on Baylor! It only took him 20 minutes tops to do everything! He told us both of Baylor's ears had fluid, with the right being the worst. The fluid was so thick, it was the consistency of glue, leading him to think that the fluid had been in his ears a long time and we never knew it. He also said his ear canals and drums looked irritated, also leading him to think he's had more ear infections than we knew about. Man my little boy is a trooper! He did clip his tongue and gave him 3 dissolvable stitches underneath. His adenoids were "scooped" out like ice cream and he said he should be fine by tomorrow! I couldn't wait to see and comfort my little man because I knew that Dr. Boone said he would probably be very upset, groggy and confused from the anesthesia. They finally called us back to see Baylor and when we walked in, a nurse was trying to rock him as he cried. Then, I cried again. I hated to see my little man so uncomfortable and immediately the nurse handed him over to me so I could rock him. He cried and moaned off and on as I rocked him for the next 20 minutes. Poor little guy kept scratching at his little nose thanks to the fentanyl making it itch so much. The nurse finally released us and Scott helped us get settled in the car for the ride home. Then he got in his truck and headed to work, leaving me with Baylor. He did pretty well in the car, still groggy, he crept in and out of sleep with periods of moans and cries, but finally we made it home in 15 mins.

We got in the house and went straight for the rocker. He was out in one shake of a lambs tail and slept for 2 & 1/2 hours. Then he got up and watched tv on the couch with Mom until Dad came home for lunch to check on us. Then he went back down for a nap from 1 to 230 P.M. As the day went on, he felt better and better. By bed time he was 60 % of himself again. Surprisingly, he slept through the night!

I am so grateful to Dr. Boone for taking the extra steps to see what was going on with Baylor and finally having it resolved. His hearing was muffled in his left ear up to 30% and in his right 45-50%. Now it is 100% clear in both ears and I can already see the difference in him! I am also thankful for all of the prayers from our family and friends during this time as well, they surely helped!

Friday, September 17, 2010

September 2010

Wow, what a month! As you can tell I have been super busy. My good friend and I are trying to start up our buisness and it has been crazy. On top of all that, Baylor has had dr. appointments left and right and just had surgery last week. We've also enjoyed some quality time with my parents (Baylor's Nana and Pop) and my Dad's family when my parents made a trip down to Alabama from Memphis a few weeks ago. We had a nice time up at my grandparent's for a barbeque. All the kids played in the pool with Baylor, ate popsicles like they were going out of style and hung from trees like little monkeys. It reminded me of all the fun I had as a child playing up at my grandparent's on the weekends with my little brothers and other cousins. Here are a few pictures of my parent's visit (along with their dog Peetie or "meathead") with Baylor and I.

Baylor and Peetie

Any time Peetie came out, Baylor went in. He loved playing in the kennel.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the BBQ at my grandparents. Baylor had a great time running around on Pops shoulders, playing with his cousins and hanging from trees like a little monkey, which I swear he was in a previous life, if not a gymnast.

Baylor enjoying a popsicle. Baylor swinging from a tree.

I love this picture of Baylor and my Dad....

Baylor playing with his new Handy Manny truck Nana bought him, loving on his Pop and hanging out with his cousins.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Unique Cloths Pins

It's funny that my friends made her daughter a "clothesline" in her room, in front of her mirror 2 weeks ago. It's so they can pick out Lana's clothes for the next day and she can stand right infront of the mirror to see what she will look like in it, without trying to hold everything up to her body. I am sure this is making their mornings much easier :) It just so happens a few days prior, I started on a new creative clothespin project. I have been making flowers with different fabric circles I cut out. It can be time consuming but that's all I have is time, right?! Ha ha! These are a few I completed, the others I'm still working on. The zebra print clothespins are made from cotton material. The pink clothespins with the hearts are actaully made from scrapbooking paper. Both are easy to do with some double sided tape and scissors. The flowers are trickier to do and explain how to make. You could always buy some small flowers or anything decorative you want to put in place of the flower. I am making some more new week that I am actually going to turn into magnets on my refrigerator. Hopefully I will get them completed and the pictures of those posted soon. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post these pictures Rach but here you go. Maybe you can do this for Lana's clothesline pins in her room to bring it some girly flair!

Busy Momma

Apparently I have been busy. Very busy. To busy to blog, to busy to get any projects completed, to busy to know what's what. Last week we finally got Baylor scheduled for the follow up with the ENT. Not good news but it has put us in the right direction to hopefully help Baylor's hearing. He still has fluid behind his ears, meaning the antibiotics did not work. Now, Baylor is scheduled to have tubes put in, his adenoids taken out and his tongue clipped on Monday, September 13th. I cried then, I'm crying now talking about it and God only knows I will be crying when they take my little man away from me and back to the operating room. I will be okay. I just hope that we didn't wait too long to find out what's wrong and we haven't caused further damage to the little man's ears or hearing. I am mostly upset because this has been a long road to get where we are with Baylor and I only pray it gets better from here. I just want him to be a happy, healthy boy. We also learned last week that Baylor's authorization for his speech/oral therapy got messed up, is now voided and has to be reauthorized. What does that mean? Baylor can't have therapy with Mrs. Megan until they get it all straightened out. Great, another obstacle. Hopefully it will be resolved in the next week or two and we can get back on track. Good thing is, Megan will be able to make up the visits she did miss during this time which is great! Baylor has started doing alot of new things this week he hasn't been regularly doing. One of those things is trying to feed himself:

He's trying very hard and has great hand/eye coordination when it comes to getting the fork into his mouth. The problem for him is learning how to hold the fork and getting the food onto the actual fork. I try to assist him some but that can make him fretful so I try to back off, but not let him starve to death either. Last night he got so mad that he couldn't get it and dumped his whole plate onto the kitchen floor. I am trying to be patient and not get worked up over the mess I have to clean, it's just part of it. Dinner time is messy with this little one, something I am just having to get used to.

He has also started to climb out of the playpen at the babysitters, onto the couch. Now this is the only time he does this, when the playpen is backed up to the couch which gives him leverage to hold onto and a place to jump!

I swear Baylor was born to be a gymnast! I see him trying to stand on his head, stand on skinny objects and keep his balance and as of yesterday, swing from the swing set bars out back:

He learned he could do this when Scott showed him how to do pull ups yesterday afternoon. I hate I did not get the shot of him actually touching his toes to the bar! Of course Daddy was out there to "spot" him. My little boo boo monkey!

Baylor is also getting pretty self sufficient as well these days. When we get home in the afternoon, he grabs his goldfish snack and apple juice, then heads to the couch to watch cartoons. He will sit there forever, as long as he has his snack. Another thing is he's sitting on the couch and reading his books, by himself. Sometimes he likes sitting by himself but other times he will let me sit down and read to him for a little bit and point out some pictures. I have been unable to get a picture of him reading by himself yet. It seems when I get over to him to take it, he throws the book and jumps down off the couch, like me catching him reading is "uncool" or something.