Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Unique Cloths Pins

It's funny that my friends made her daughter a "clothesline" in her room, in front of her mirror 2 weeks ago. It's so they can pick out Lana's clothes for the next day and she can stand right infront of the mirror to see what she will look like in it, without trying to hold everything up to her body. I am sure this is making their mornings much easier :) It just so happens a few days prior, I started on a new creative clothespin project. I have been making flowers with different fabric circles I cut out. It can be time consuming but that's all I have is time, right?! Ha ha! These are a few I completed, the others I'm still working on. The zebra print clothespins are made from cotton material. The pink clothespins with the hearts are actaully made from scrapbooking paper. Both are easy to do with some double sided tape and scissors. The flowers are trickier to do and explain how to make. You could always buy some small flowers or anything decorative you want to put in place of the flower. I am making some more new week that I am actually going to turn into magnets on my refrigerator. Hopefully I will get them completed and the pictures of those posted soon. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to post these pictures Rach but here you go. Maybe you can do this for Lana's clothesline pins in her room to bring it some girly flair!

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