Friday, September 17, 2010

September 2010

Wow, what a month! As you can tell I have been super busy. My good friend and I are trying to start up our buisness and it has been crazy. On top of all that, Baylor has had dr. appointments left and right and just had surgery last week. We've also enjoyed some quality time with my parents (Baylor's Nana and Pop) and my Dad's family when my parents made a trip down to Alabama from Memphis a few weeks ago. We had a nice time up at my grandparent's for a barbeque. All the kids played in the pool with Baylor, ate popsicles like they were going out of style and hung from trees like little monkeys. It reminded me of all the fun I had as a child playing up at my grandparent's on the weekends with my little brothers and other cousins. Here are a few pictures of my parent's visit (along with their dog Peetie or "meathead") with Baylor and I.

Baylor and Peetie

Any time Peetie came out, Baylor went in. He loved playing in the kennel.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the BBQ at my grandparents. Baylor had a great time running around on Pops shoulders, playing with his cousins and hanging from trees like a little monkey, which I swear he was in a previous life, if not a gymnast.

Baylor enjoying a popsicle. Baylor swinging from a tree.

I love this picture of Baylor and my Dad....

Baylor playing with his new Handy Manny truck Nana bought him, loving on his Pop and hanging out with his cousins.

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