Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baylor Dancing

I love that my son loves to dance, even if he has his father's rhythm (or maybe it's his Pop's rhythm or a combo of both)! If Baylor hears music, he will start dancing on his own, not needing us to tell him to "dance". Right now his favorite movie is Monsters vs. Aliens that his Nana bought him on her recent trip home. Just on Saturday, we watched it 3 times! There a several parts in the movie he just absolutely loves and I can see it in his face. The first is at the beginning of the movie, when "Susan's" bridesmaids go to wake her up at 5 A.M. on her wedding day. The anticipation music of them walking into the room and the surprisingly waking her up makes Baylor grin from ear to ear. He loves Susan... aka Ginormaka. He also loves when Dr. Cockroach has to do a dance sequence in the alien spaceship. At this time it plays techno music like playing Dance, Dance Revolution and I can leave and come back and he is dancing in front of the t.v. alone, not caring who's around to watch. Then at the end of the movie when they run the credits, it plays music. Yet again he starts dancing. I knew he would start dancing so I was able to grab my video camera before the music started. Make sure you watch the full video below because he stops and plays with a toy then starts back to dancing again. I hope soon I can catch a good long video of him dancing... he never seems to want to when he notices Mommy has the camera!

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