Sunday, July 10, 2011

Diary of a Potty Training Mom: Day 3

Today we started our day in the park. While Baylor played,

Mommy continually looked for the inside joke I was apparently missing in the "Potty Train Your Child In Just One Day" book:

After nap time, Baylor played in the living room and was watching a movie. I decided to bring the potty chair in to sit beside him, just so he could get used to it's presence. I then showed him again how the baby went "pee pee in the potty". You can see how he's trying to look for something behind the doll. Busted.

I striped him down and sat him on the potty. And he actually stayed... all of 5 seconds. I've learned this is his getting ready to run look...

I am not ashamed that at this point I began to bribe my child. With pretzels.

and then he got really upset because he wanted to put his clothes back on.

Moving on....

We tried again right before bedtime and he did back his bottom up and made it a little bit more comfy this time. I think he sat for maybe 10 seconds. Atleast each time I sit him on the toilet he's sitting longer and longer.

....But nothing again today.

End of Day 3 Results: Potty 0, Baylor 3

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