Friday, July 15, 2011

Baylor's Occupational Therapy

Baylor receives Occupational Therapy one time a week through the state program Early Steps. I cannot tell you how wonderful this program has been in improving Baylor all around. Jenny, Baylor's O.T., has been working with Baylor since March and we have seen such a change in him since she has started. Jenny does come to our home but every couple of weeks, we get to visit Jenny at her clinic. Baylor loves going because there is soooo much for him to do there. Jenny has a variety of swings that interchange from her ceiling, she has a balance beam, a rock climbing wall, a HUGE slide, a trampoline and so much more! This Friday we got to visit Jenny at her clinic and it was a great session!

Baylor got to:

Write and draw on the wall-

Slide down the really BIG slide-

Work on puzzles-

Play a fun elephant game-

Work on his fine motor skills using a drill-

Play cool games-

And one of his other favorites, SWINGING-

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