Friday, July 15, 2011

Diary of a Potty Training Mom: Day 7

Today we started a new method. Well, a new method that I tweaked alittle bit to fit our needs. It's the "Potty Train Your Child in 3 Days"

method and it sounded like a great way to get Baylor going with the big boy toilet. For this method, you are to spend every second with your child for 3 days. You are to do all your shopping, errands, etc. before hand so you can stay at home and focus on pottying. Yea right. I'm a busy Mom okay? Not that I don't care, that's not it at all but this is reality and things come up. You are to throw away all of your diapers and let them wear just big boy underwear all day. That's one thing I tweaked because I was not about to throw away diapers.

1. They are way to expensive and

2. You can see the time I've had so far with the potty training and I kept them as a safety net.

I started off Baylor in big boy underwear this morning. I took him to the bathroom and explained that if he had to go potty, he needed to let Mommy know. I told him he had to keep his underwear dry.

He did well by staying dry for several hours but did not go to the potty. At nap time, I put him in a pull up and of course that's when he pottied. We decided to go to dinner so instead of putting him in "big boy underwear", I put him in a pull up to be on the safe side.

Much to my surprise, when I got him home, he was dry. So I put his big boy undies on him:

Aren't they the cutest undies? It's so funny watching him run around in these.

He looks just like a big boy.

He hung out with Daddy for awhile watching t.v.:

He was still dry so I decided to take him to the potty instead of us having the accident that I knew was coming if I didn't:

but we didn't have any success. In fact, this is Baylor running like crazy from the potty, or from me... or maybe running from both:

Watch out, naked baby coming through.

Then of course, when I wasn't looking, it happened.

He tinkled in his big boy underwear, right on the carpet in front of my closet door.
This is wear I have to tell him "Ewww, your big boy underwear are wet" and reminded him that he needs to tell Mommy when he has to go tinkle. Using this method, you are never to tell your child "No, No" or "that's a bad boy". No negative comments. So, I didn't say that.

I just took him back to the potty and tried again.

Of course he was "empty" and there was nothing else.

There's always tomorrow!

End of Day 7 Results:

Potty 0, Baylor 7

Baylor's Occupational Therapy

Baylor receives Occupational Therapy one time a week through the state program Early Steps. I cannot tell you how wonderful this program has been in improving Baylor all around. Jenny, Baylor's O.T., has been working with Baylor since March and we have seen such a change in him since she has started. Jenny does come to our home but every couple of weeks, we get to visit Jenny at her clinic. Baylor loves going because there is soooo much for him to do there. Jenny has a variety of swings that interchange from her ceiling, she has a balance beam, a rock climbing wall, a HUGE slide, a trampoline and so much more! This Friday we got to visit Jenny at her clinic and it was a great session!

Baylor got to:

Write and draw on the wall-

Slide down the really BIG slide-

Work on puzzles-

Play a fun elephant game-

Work on his fine motor skills using a drill-

Play cool games-

And one of his other favorites, SWINGING-

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Diary of a Potty Training Mom: Day 5 & Day 6

The last 2 days have not gone well. For 2 reasons:

1. Baylor has been uncooperative.

2. I've been slacking.

I'm trying not to make this a traumatizing experience for my child.

I'm not reading the how to "Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day" book anymore.

We are starting fresh on Friday with a new method that I am very excited about:

"3 Day Potty Training"

This time it involves Baylor wearing big boy undies from the get go.

We'll see how it goes....

See you Friday.

End of Day 6 Results:

Potty 0, Baylor 6

Monday, July 11, 2011

Diary of a Potty Training Mom: Day 4

Started off going to work today.

No really.

I had to go to work and Baylor had to go to Mrs. Erin's.

It was only a 1/2 day though so we tried working with Baylor again this afternoon.

I tried a different approach this time. You may think it's gross but I'm trying to get the potty info through his head.

This time I sat on the potty and I had him sit on the potty, bottomless, facing me and had him watch me "pee pee in the potty". Yea, he thought it was funny.

And of course I did not take pictures of this process. No need to see that side of me.

So then, I tried to take him in the bathroom while his Daddy was pottying.

I was all excited, (clapping and the whole works) and was telling Baylor,

"Look, Daddy's a big boy and he's going pee pee in the potty".

Baylor then walked over to Scott,

swatted at him and ran out of the bathroom with his arms flailing, while he screamed.

Not good.

End of Day 4 Results:

Potty o, Baylor 4

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Diary of a Potty Training Mom: Day 3

Today we started our day in the park. While Baylor played,

Mommy continually looked for the inside joke I was apparently missing in the "Potty Train Your Child In Just One Day" book:

After nap time, Baylor played in the living room and was watching a movie. I decided to bring the potty chair in to sit beside him, just so he could get used to it's presence. I then showed him again how the baby went "pee pee in the potty". You can see how he's trying to look for something behind the doll. Busted.

I striped him down and sat him on the potty. And he actually stayed... all of 5 seconds. I've learned this is his getting ready to run look...

I am not ashamed that at this point I began to bribe my child. With pretzels.

and then he got really upset because he wanted to put his clothes back on.

Moving on....

We tried again right before bedtime and he did back his bottom up and made it a little bit more comfy this time. I think he sat for maybe 10 seconds. Atleast each time I sit him on the toilet he's sitting longer and longer.

....But nothing again today.

End of Day 3 Results: Potty 0, Baylor 3

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Diary of a Potty Training Mom: Day 2

This morning we work up and much to my surprise, Baylor was dry! I new this was a good sign so I stripped off his diaper and to the potty we went. I sat him down and he actually stayed for a few seconds and then this is when I got the "You really think I'm going to do this?" look:

and then when he realized that I had realized he wasn't going to do this, I got this look:

So I continued reading the book for more info:

then I got to a part in the book that talked about giving your kid a "Potty Party" and I seriously contemplated it:

I don't think Baylor understands what a "party" technically is when I tell him we are going to one, much less having one. I continued reading and the book started talking about teaching your child to teach a baby doll to use the potty. I also remembered Lauren telling me this is what she did with her daughter Joey. I thought," This may actually work"!

I got a small plastic baggie and filled it with water. I left a small end unzipped and open for the water to "tinkle" out and placed it behind the baby's back to where Baylor couldn't see it. I told Baylor that the baby had to use the potty and off to the bathroom we went!

Is he kissing the baby for doing a great job using the big boy potty?... I think not! He kissed him and off he went. Then I drug Scott into it. I had Scott show Baylor how the baby gets to wear big boy underwear since he went pee-pee in the potty:

Baylor then decided that if he couldn't wear the big boy underwear, then no one could.. not even the baby!

.... and on the floor they went with him running in the other direction with a naked baby. Then I took a few minutes to breath before tracking him down. Then I sat him on the potty again:

.... and nothing again.

It's only Day 2, I mean, was I really expecting him to use it by now? No. But I did think him seeing the baby peeing in the potty would interest him a little.


Day 2 Results:

Potty 0, Baylor 2.

And yet again, we will try tomorrow.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Diary of a Potty Training Mom: Day 1

Baylor is 31 months now and not even close to being potty trained. In fact, he only seems to find his training potty as a hiding place for his toys. With Baylor starting preschool at the end of August, I knew I had to atleast start trying to get him interested in using the potty. I know alot of kids, especially boys, are not potty trained until 3 but I don't want to send him to school with other kids that are atleast getting familiar with it. He shows some signs of readiness and then he's lacking with other signs. You can look at signs of readiness here at I hope to document daily how my potty training attempts go with Baylor until we have success. Here goes nothing!

Day 1:

I previously spoke to my friend Lauren about potty training her daughter. She recommended this book:

so I got it from the library pronto and started reading it:

I got a back up book about potty training in case this one didn't seem to fit our needs. I mean, Potty Train Your Kid In One Day?... Really? I knew this was probably not possible but I gave it a shot. I had to bribe Baylor to even come see the potty and then I introduced the two new (hopeful) best friends to one another.

Baylor, this is Potty.... Potty, this is Baylor.

Then I decided to take his diaper off and sit him on the potty so they could become a little more acquainted. Needless to say that didn't last long and he bolted:

Then I had to pull out the "positive reinforcements" to hopefully entice him into using the potty.

I explained to him that once he used the big boy potty, he could wear his big boy underwear. I let him try them on for kicks:

By this time it was time for bed so we called it quits for Day 1. We'll try again tomorrow. I'm trying to stay positive in knowing this is going to take longer than a day. I remembered what Lauren told me, "Don't listen to anyone else, do whatever works best for you and Baylor"...

Got it.

End of Day 1 results: Potty 0, Baylor 1.