Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taking a look back....

This time 3 years ago in March 2008, I became pregnant with my 1st child:

About this time 2 years ago in March 2009, I had a sweet, 3 month old, blue eyed boy who depended on me for everything:

About this time 1 year ago in 2010, I had a sweet, 15 month old that was just learning to walk:

And this year, in March 2011, I still have a sweet, blue eyed boy, who is now a little over 2.

He is growing up to fast in front of me and I wish I could freeze him in time. He isn't depended on me anymore. He's gone from baby to little man over night. Last year he may have just learned how to walk but that walking turned into running in no time. He loves to jump in the bed and play in the dirt. He doesn't say much, but he loves a whole lot. He's a Mommy's boy and on some days he's a Daddy's boy. He loves to laugh and be tickled under his arms. He thrives being outside. He loves potato chips. His favorite movies are Despicable Me and Toy Story 3. He loves books. He splashes alot in the tub. He loves riding in his Cozy Coupe. He loves babies. He wrestles with his Daddy. He's the best snuggler and the sweetest thing ever in the mornings. He hates to go to bed. He's a picky eater. He's a hugger. All in all he's a typical 2 year old boy and I love every bit of him! I can't believe how much has changed in the last few years, they are just coming and going so quickly. I know I can't freeze time but I know I will always remember this wonderful, curious and exciting age!

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