Monday, May 2, 2011

1st Big Boy Haircut

Baylor has never actually had a "real" haircut. Scott and I have been trimming it up since he was born. I finally convinced Scott it was time for his 1st Big Boy Haircut, mainly because Scott gave Baylor a cupcake head/bowl cut when he trimmed his bangs up last week. It was so long on the top and short in the front, it looked like a mushroom sitting on his head. I was excited to take him to the Red Rooster for his 1st haircut today and for the most part he did pretty well....

The only time he got fretful was when she tried to cut around his ears and face. Then by the time she was done, he was tired of sitting still for so long....

The best part is, his haircut was free! So we were nice and left her a good tip since she did such a great job!

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