Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Funday at PARDS Aqua Park

Baylor loves water... doesn't matter if it's bath water, pool water or a puddle in the street, he gravitates towards it every chance he gets. We had a new (but small) water park open up not far from our house inside of our favorite park. I decided it would be fun to take Baylor on my off day for a little fun in the sun. You can't beat it, kids his age are free and since we live in the area, it only costs me $5 to get in and we lasted over 2 hours.... $5 well spent. We went early to beat the crowd but even at 9:45 A.M. it was still busy. Should've known, it is summer break.

I truly believed for a long time my son was a monkey in a previous life. Now I'm beginning to think I was wrong. This kid is not scared of the water and wants to swim by himself all the time which scares Mommy. I have to watch him closely or he will be in the pool by himself in no time. He is doing great with floaties and can tread water and hold his breath when he jumps underwater. He amazes me with his strength and swimming ability at this age. I really wanted to sign him up for swim lessons this year with one lady in particular but she won't take him until he's alittle bigger so next summer we plan on enrolling him. For now, we (and his babysitter Erin) will continue to work with him.

I love my little fish!

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