Thursday, October 28, 2010

Baylor got mail... yea!

When we got home yesterday afternoon, we made our daily trip to the mailbox. Baylor loves to check the mail; I really think he just likes opening and closing the mailbox, taking out the mail and putting it back in.

In our mail yesterday Mommy had a treat (my Alabama shirt I ordered to wear for Halloween to go with Baylor's theme) and Baylor also had a Halloween card from Nana and Pop!

So we hurried in side so we could open it...

The card was cute, with a little green monster on the front. Nana and Pop were wishing him a Happy Halloween and told him to be safe and to stay with Mom and Dad while he trick or treated. He really liked the colors on the card and even opened it up to take a look....
Then he threw it down on the floor and said "What, no money?"....

J/K Nana and Pop... he actually said, "I got mail.... Yyyyeeeeeaaaaa"!
Thanks for thinking of him... he loves you (and his card) very much!

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