Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy Birthday Planning

So we are getting ready to celebrate my little man's 2nd birthday, coming up on December 8th. This year we have decided to have his party here in Louisiana, the weekend after his birthday since his Daddy has to work. We will have it Sunday, the 12th at 2 P.M. I have been planning this party for months already. I looked feverishly for car and truck invitations since this themed party seemed to fit my boy perfectly since he loves any kind of toy with wheels, especially cars and trucks. I could not find what I wanted, so several weeks ago I set out to find what I wanted to make his invitations. Should have known the place I frequent the most, Hobby Lobby, would have exactly what I was looking for. I already have the template cut out for the invitations, now I just have to print them! I got cute little stickers to go with them which I will stick onto the invitation and which will also be used on his cups for decorations. Now that I have made the invitations, I now have to make the decorations since there is nothing out there that matches. I plan on doing solid colored plates, cups and napkins in brown, blue, orange and green, adhering the matching car/truck stickers to the cups. I have also started to work on a banner to hang up for Baylor. (Pictures later on the decorations/invitations). Scott and I talked about having it at the house but when I saw the anxiety build up in his voice and eyes and then he mentioned the park, I jumped on it. December in Louisiana is pretty warm anyways; I remember last year for Baylor's 1st in Mobile, it was 80 something degrees outside. So Baylor and I headed to Northpark to get the info and reservations. It's free, thank goodness, the reservation is just incase someone else decides they want to overtake the pavilion we want to use for the day. It's right next to all of the swings and playgrounds, which is great for the kids and myself, so I can keep an eye on my monkey.

There are actually 3 sets of playgrounds in this area, but this one is directly across from the pavilion we reserved.

After we checked out the facilities, and mom checked out the pavilion which has no plug ins by the way (darn), and I thought long and hard about how to do the decorations, we went to have some fun running around to every play ground, leaving mom every chance he got:

Going down the slides:

and swinging in the swings:

Yesterday, Baylor and I sat down to make a list of everything we will need for his park birthday and started his Bday guest list, with his approval of course:

I hope I actually have a head start on the game but I still feel like there is so much more to do... better get busy!


  1. I can't believe that December is so close!

    I think the park is a great idea for a birthday party! No cleaning, built-in entertainment...

  2. I know, it's right around the corner. I like the idea of the built in entertainment and not alot of cleaning. I don't like that i have to tote everything their, get ice, have ice chests and i really wanted to do chili and hot dogs and we can take grills but there is no plug in for my crock pot!