Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Traditions Part 2

Like I stated in my previous post, I am making it a tradition to make something for Baylor for his Halloween outfit every year. Last year I made his octopus costume and this year since we bought his "Big Al" elephant costume I decided to make his bag. I searched for how to make "football shaped" bags and couldn't find what I was looking for. I was to scared to wing it so I started brainstorming some more. I decided to search out some black and white houndstooth fabric (like Bear Bryant's hat) and yet again Hobby Lobby had exactly what I was looking for... almost. I found felt houndstooth instead but I figured it would pretty much turn out the same. I bought 3 pieces of the black and white houndstooth , one piece of crimson and one brown colored felt piece. I then got some white gross grain ribbon to accent the letters. I started by cutting out "BAMA" from the crimson felt and attached it to the front of the first houndstooth piece. I then cut out the football and tired to sew the football stitching on it but that didn't work. I ended up using the white ribbon on the football too! I topped off the football with an "A". I cut stripes from the extra houndstooth piece, folded them in long ways and sewed them onto the bag. The I just sewed the bag together. It's not perfect but I think it's a nice little accessory for my boy's "Big Al" costume. Plus, it's made with love, by his mommy!


  1. Alisha, this is so precious! I love it, and your creativity. You are such a great mommy!