Thursday, October 28, 2010

Birthday Planning Update... 45 days to go!

Like I said before, I've had been pushing full speed ahead on Baylor's 2nd birthday party planning. I finally found what I wanted to make Baylor's invitation since I couldn't find anything premade I liked, that I wanted to buy. So I found what I needed at Hobby Lobby and got busy... The theme this year is "Little Boys and Their Toys"... Baylor loves cars and trucks, really anything with wheels. The invitation border I found has alittle of everything on it from trucks, to spaceships, to trains and boats but the truck and dump truck will be used the most when creating his decorations for the pavilion. I found some solid color paper in orange, blue and green to print the actual invitation on and then found some matching stickers to go with it. I used the brown border with the trucks and all and put the solid color invitation on top. I was happy with the results..

The stickers are not as shiny as they look, even though they are metallic. I think the flash put an extra shine to them....

The invitation is hard to read but it says (I even made up the wording myself):
"Boy time really flew...
Baylor's already turning 2!"
Drive, fly or ride on over to celebrate
Sunday, December 12th at 2 P.M.
North Park in Denham Springs
30372 Eden Church Road
See reverse for directions
I have the directions printed to the park on the back and in case of cold or rainy weather, it also states the party will be moved to our house and I listed our address with my cell phone number too. The next batch of invites will be on green card stock with different trucks, trains and dump truck stickers as well. Now I have to start on his decorations and work on making (yes, I said making) his shirt because of course I can't find exactly what I want. I'm a perfectionist, so sue me.

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