Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Wow, what a wonderful weekend! We traveled to Alabama for Halloween again this year. Saturday night we met up with our good friends the Allenbach's and their daughter Emma. Ryan and Stephanie are Baylor's Godparents and very close friends of ours; Scott and Ryan have known each other since grade school so they go way back. Their daughter Emma is 8 months older than Baylor and they are expecting their next child, a son, in February. We love spending time with them when we go home on the weekends. We took the kids "Trunk or Treating" at a local church in Mobile. This year, Baylor dressed up as "Big Al" and Emma was Strawberry Shortcake. The kids had more fun dancing to the music than getting candy. Here are Baylor and Emma hanging around the sound speaker where they danced half the night...

I have never seen another child run around as crazy as my son does. I wonder if this is a typical two year old or if this is a boy thing? I've never seen another child, much less a girl, just run and run and run! Here is Baylor playing peek-a-boo with his Daddy:

Scott and I took turns chasing Baylor around that evening. I was surprised I was able to scoop him up to take this picture:

Sunday evening we trick or treated in Scott's parents neighborhood in Irvington. They live in a huge neighborhood on a golf course so we were lucky friends came over with a 4wheeler and trailer for the kids to ride on. Baylor was "Big Al" again but Sunday brought some warmer weather so we (actually my husband) decided to make some modifications to Baylor's outfit. So Baylor wouldn't get too hot, Scott cut off the costume from the waste down and just safety pinned it to Baylor's Alabama shirt. He didn't have the elephant arms on his outfit but he was still cute as can be and I hate to admit it but my husbands idea worked!

When it was time to leave, my son new exactly how to get on the 4wheeler without me even showing him and was in total awe the whole time we were riding. I think he really liked the noise the 4wheeler made as we drove through the neighborhood. He just sat back and enjoyed the ride and when when we were done at a house he knew exactly which way to head back to the trailer.

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