Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Planning Update... 34 days to go!

Okay, this party planning committee (which includes me, myself and I) have been trying to get things done to stay ahead of the game... so far so good! This week I finished Baylor's birthday banner. It was no easy task having to do all the letters for "Happy Birthday Baylor", cutting them out in blue and lime green, gluing them all on and then cutting out 2 other background colors to contrast them. Then to finish it off, I punched holes in the paper and ran some lime green ribbon through and viola!

What's on the list next? The dreaded birthday shirt! As you know, I am having to make everything for the party seeing that I couldn't find anything I liked enough to buy for Baylor's birthday, including his shirt. I searched everywhere and thoroughly on etsy and still couldn't find exactly what I wanted. I did however find some fabric that I just adore.... plus it ties into his invite (stars). So I bought a yard of this Allstar Fabric by Riley Blake on etsy for $10.00 with shipping. I am currently looking for a short sleeve shirt and a long sleeve to go underneath, incase it turns off cold for his party. I plan on making the applique for his shirt which of course will be a "2" and stitching it on there. Then I plan on taking it to my monogram lady to have his name put on it. I'm glad I bought a yard of this fabric, just incase.

Here goes nothing!