Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh Christmas Cards, Oh Christmas Cards

I have always been adamant about sending out Christmas cards every year since Scott and I have been together. Before Baylor was born, Scott and I would try to take a picture and include our dog Bama, to mail out with our card. If we didn't get a picture, I would still mail out cards to everyone we knew. I think I sent out, on average, about 60 Christmas cards every December. Since Baylor was born, I have been terrible about doing our cards. When Baylor arrived December 8th of 2008, it was too close to Christmas and I was too tired to get a family portrait completed. I did have Baylor's pictures made with Santa and sent it in a few cards to a select few of our family and friends. Last year in 2009, I was too wrapped up in Baylor's 1st birthday party planning and too tired again to attempt Christmas cards, much less pictures. This year, I have no excuse.... we were due for a family picture anyways, seeing we have not had a nice one made of us since Baylor's birth. I had Scott's Mom take us down to Fowl River in Mobile to take some family shots over Halloween weekend. Though she is not a licensed professional, she does photography on the side, is pretty good and she's free! She did a great job this year and we were lucky to get 1 good shot of all 3 of us out of 200 and something pictures (literally). When I decided we needed a family picture, I also decided I was going to do photo card for Christmas this year. I have also thought about writing a "2010 Wrap Up" letter or maybe just ordering a story card with a photo this year. I found some great photo cards at Shutterfly and have it narrowed down to a few:
1. Retro Wheel Green Christmas Card: the name says it all... it's retro style with Christmas colors included!
2. Christmas Letter Christmas Card: I think this is a great alternative from a long letter, I could just sum our year up in a short paragraph and include pictures!
3. Love 2010: This is another alternative to a letter or the Christmas Letter Christmas Card... short, sweet and to the point!
4. Seasonal Chic Noir: This photo card looks very modern and I love that I can put our initial on it!
5. Good Cheer: I like this one because it is simple but modern looking.
6. Elegant Floral Black Holiday Card: definitely one of my top 3. This card is very pretty and elegant.
6. Elegant Damask Noir: another top pick of mine.
There are just so many I love on this site, I don't know how I will chose! I guess I will have to let my husband put his 2 cents in!

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