Friday, December 17, 2010

Baylor's 2nd Birthday

We celebrated Baylor's 2nd birthday with a party on Sunday, December the 12th. We ended up moving the party from the park to our house at the last minute due to the windy weather forecast. The morning was super cold and windy but as the day went on, it warmed up and the wind died down. Oh well, the kids at least got to play outside in our backyard. I didn't get to use all of the decorations I made since alot of them were made specifically for the park but I did use his banner and balloons. In the midst of all the excitement and rush, I forgot to put Baylor's hat I made him on when he went to eat his cake. I hated that I forgot since I took so much time to make it and Baylor attempted so many times to wear it days prior to the party. All in all, we had a great time with friends and family that care about my little man so much. I am grateful to have them all in our life. I am especially grateful to my parents for being so good to me and my little one. I am thankful for everything they did to help me get everything ready,from the Go Diego big wheel to the chili, but I am especially grateful for them just being there to celebrate with Baylor.

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