Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Birthday Party Planning Update... 4 days to go!

With only 4 days to go to the party, I am cutting everything down to the wire but going at it full force. It wouldn't be so bad if we weren't now expecting a high of only 52 on Sunday, my husband wanting to move the party to a place I haven't even checked into and to top it off, the lady who is making Baylor's b-day shirt called to tell me it has been a disaster. I originally bought a brown shirt to have his 2 and name appliqued onto since I could not find the baby blue shirt I originally wanted. I searched high and low for the baby blue and had to settle for a brown $2 shirt from Hobby Lobby. She called to tell me this morning that in the middle of making the brown shirt, her machined messed up and ruined the brown shirt. Luckily though, she did have a baby blue shirt she was able to find and redid everything on it. Needless to say, this disaster turned out to be the best!

She's also insisting that she is not letting me pay her a dime since she messed up the brown t-shirt I bought him but I am still going to pay her the $10.00 she originally asked for. Moving on.... I completed Baylor's cake eating bib last night. I used the same fabric that is used for the #2 in his b-day t-shirt. The hardest part was sewing on the snaps since I had already sewn 98% of the bib before I realized I hadn't done the snaps yet. I was proud of how it turned out:

Decorations are almost complete. I received Baylor's dump truck last night that I ordered from
Gilt Groupe a few weeks back, thanks to my $20.00 credit. It will be used along with a boat and another truck on top of the picnic tables to hold balloons. I have to admit I thought it was going to much bigger but I am still pleased with it... and so is Baylor. He played with it from the moment it came through the door until he went to bed.

I had alot of scrapbook paper for his party theme leftover so I decided to make some other things to hang from the pavilion as well:

There are 2 of these and both have a #2 and a B on either side of them. I just cut a circle out of card board and covered it with his scrapbook paper, which is super cute with the tires in different colors. I will hang it with baby blue ribbon. I also decided to make "poofs" to match. I found a great tutorial on how to make them and went and bought 2 packs of lime green tissue paper to make them. They will hang interchangeably with the cardboard circles.

So now I am just praying this will all piece together perfectly and we will have a warm enough day to have his party at the park. If not, the house it is!

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