Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

This Christmas we traveled home for the entire week to Alabama. We spent 1/2 of our time with Scott's family and the other 1/2 with my grandmother and Dad's side of the family. I've been wanting to take Baylor to Bellingrath to see the Christmas lights since he was born. The first year he was too small, being only 3 weeks old. Last year it was way too cold and this year between the cast and the traveling back and forth, we did not make it. We did get to take him to see the "Field of Lights" by Scott's parents house in Irvington. Down the street there are some houses that sit about 1 mile or more off the road. Every year (since Scott can remember), they decorate the entire field leading up the the road with Christmas decorations and lights. You can drive down the lane to see all of the lights and there is a turn around at the end. We let Baylor sit in our lap up front so he could see (and we were only driving 2 miles an hour, I do not condone this at any other time). Oh yea, and he got to drive his Daddy's truck:

I cannot tell you how much I love beenies on my child... i think he is stinkin' precious in those things!

Santa visited Baylor and his Mimi & Honey's house since we were there this year. Santa left his first letter for Baylor this year:

It pretty much said he was a good boy but asked him to be careful jumping on the beds and running around so much. It also referenced his Christmas cast :)

Christmas morning was exciting. When Baylor woke up, we tried to get him to lay back down with us in the bed so we could wait for Madison to get up and they could open presents together. Didn't happen.... Baylor climbed out of the bed, opened the bedroom door and bolted out. It took all I had to run, get my camera (which I did have ready) to catch him in front of the tree. I couldn't stop him once he saw everything and needless to say his Daddy was not happy we didn't wait for him as you can see at the end of this video.
We put the tricycle he pulled out back and went to wake up Madison and everyone else and then we redid the whole moment with everyone. Baylor got way too much stuff! A boy's dream: tractor's, cars, trucks, a tricycle, movies, coloring books, reading books and much more!

His absolute favorite gift was the tricycle which was from his Nana & Pop (my parent's) delivered via Santa. Baylor did not let his cast keep him from riding his new toy. He is so short he can't reach the pedals yet so he pushes himself around with his feet or prop his feet up so we can push him.

I wanted to stay in my p.j.'s all morning with my little guy but I wanted to go to Christmas mass with my hubby. Since we didn't make midnight mass the night before, we went for 11 A.M. right down the street. It was nice to go to church with Scott alone and be able to pay attention to the mass. After that we went back home and spent the day playing with new toys, playing outside and riding new tricycles. What a blessed family we are and what a wonderful Christmas we had with family and friends.

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