Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cast/Foot Update

Today we went to see Dr. Frierson, a pediatric orthopedic in Baton Rouge for Baylor's followup. The first thing they had to do was cut of his cast with this loud saw. Suprisingly, Baylor did very well and only let out one or two whimpers but no bouts of hysterical crying, thank goodness.

We got to keep his cast as a souvenir!

After we got the cast off, we went for more xrays. Dr. Frierson came in to assess Baylor's leg and talk to us about the xrays but there were still no signs of a fracture in Baylor's ankle or foot. He asked if Baylor had been sick the week or two before and I told him yes, a nasty sinus infection that went away on it's own, just like all the other ones he gets every few months. He told me that it is very common this time of the year for kids to get sick and the fluid/infection ends up settling in their joints or synovial cavities. He was 100% sure Baylor had "synovitis" in his ankle/foot from his recent sinus infection. Synovitis is just inflamation of the synovial membrane that lines the joint. (This is also what Scott suggested to the other Dr. in Mobile that just blew us off!) He told me to keep him on Motrin for a couple of days so his leg wouldn't get stiff and he would be good to go. And that he was..... go, go, go. He got that cast off and kept going. He was a happy camper!

Of course I didn't even think to bring his other shoe. The whole week I only had to worry about one. Thank goodness we didn't have any errands to run afterwards.

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