Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Birthday Party Planning Update... 11 days to go!

With less than 2 weeks until Baylor's birthday, this party planning committee is really kicking it into high gear. Being out of town for Thanksgiving put me a week behind but now I am back and going at it full force. Here's the latest on my checklist:

1. Invitations completed and mailed out... check.
2. Baylor's birthday shirt... in progress.
3. Baylor's birthday hat made... check.
4. Birthday decorations... in progress.
5. Baylor's birthday bib for cake time... in progress.
6. Baylor's present ordered and delivered... check.
7. Baylor's cake... arrangements made (thanks to my wonderful boss).
8. Party favors... at a loss on what to do at this point. Suggestions are welcomed!
So far, so good. The only thing I am having problems deciding on is party favors. I like the idea of small cars and trucks but there will be older kids (and really small kids) and girls at the party. Then I thought about buying these cute, plain lime green and hot pink water bottles and painting the kids names on them and filling them up with goodies but then I don't know if every one of those kids will show. I hate to spend the money on unnecessary purchases at this point. I will just have to continue to ponder on this but I can't ponder for too long!


  1. The favors are always the hardest part! I'm all about something useful, so I LOVE the idea of the water bottles! Lana got one of those at a party one time, and still uses it. I did a transportation theme (kind of) for Tucker's first birthday, and I made homemade vehicle-shaped crayons. Just found a muffin tin with holes shaped like a car, truck, plane, train, etc. I think I picked it up at walmart.

  2. Very cute idea Rachael... so how do you go about making crayons? this is oh so helpful. Thanks!