Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Fieldtrip Day

Today was a great day for Baylor and I both. We got to spend time together and separate on our field trips this Friday. This morning Baylor and I loaded up and headed to Target to see what goodies we could find. Then we headed on over to Chick-fila for lunch and some play time. We had nice quality time and enjoyed our lunch date together.

Then of course it was play time; you can't go to Chick-fila without playing on the playground. Baylor tried to play with another little boy but I think he just scared him away when he would run towards him screaming. I think Baylor was excited and was just trying to get his attention but that boy didn't care, he scared him. So he played by himself and watched others. Of course he always turned around to make sure I was watching him.

Then this evening, Baylor stayed home for Daddy time while Mommy went out with the girls. I don't get to do this much so I was super excited, even if I wasn't close to every single girl going. We went to Brushfire in Denham Springs where you can paint pottery, wine glasses or a canvas. You can bring whatever snacks and "beverages" you like. We ended up with an array of cheeses, crackers, fruits and wine for the evening.

The hostess gets to pick the design she wants the class to paint and for this one she chose the fleur-de-lis. You start by painting your background, then sponging it. Then you have to trace your fleur-de-lis onto the canvas. Then you paint your fleur-de-lis and go through and add highlights around it to make it "pop". With the painting, blow drying and breaks for snacks and drinks, the whole process takes about 3.5 hrs and we had a blast the entire time!

I have really been picking back up on my painting here lately. Not many people know I graduated National Art Honor Society in High School though I am not as talented as some of those I took art with. I guarantee you my husband doesn't even know that fun fact about me :). Here is my fleur-de-lis that I was pleasantly surprised with.

So all in all Baylor and I both had a great Friday with both of our field trips. I had a great day all the way around, spending the majority of it with Baylor and then sitting down with time to myself and friends doing something I enjoy.

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