Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

Man, I feel so tired, even though this is the most laid back weekend we had in awhile! Friday, Baylor and I found ourselves at Chick-fil-a for another lunch date but this time we got to go with Mrs. Erin, Griffin and Landon which was lots of fun. Here is a picture of him with his Chick-fil-a bag.

Then Baylor had a therapy session with Mrs. Megan at 1:30 P.M. on Friday that went so-so this week, seeing he was lacking rest from his short nap. After dinner as usual, Baylor headed for the tub where we had lots of fun putting buckets on each others heads.

I love this cute grin of his....

Daddy got home and they had fun wrestling around in the bed for awhile.

Practicing his karate kick.

Then Daddy made him get down off the bed because he was horsing around too much. Baylor got mad and ran off. He was being awfully quiet so I went on the hunt for him. I found him in his toy box in front of the t.v. watching cartoons.

Then he got mad when he noticed I was taking his picture....

Saturday, Baylor and I headed into work for a couple of hours and then around town for some short errands. When we got back home, Daddy laid him down for his nap and we started yard work. Sat. evening, Scott went to an aneurysm outreach with some friends while Baylor and I stayed at home being lazy. We played in my bedroom in front of the window for a long time and I got some sweet shots of him.

Loving on the pig his Nana gave him... Working his abs on the "wheel" like Daddy.

He went to bed and I finished sewing a tag blanket for my best friends baby shower this weekend. Sunday we all woke up at the same time, had breakfast and went off to church. We made a quick stop at Wal-Mart afterwards and then headed home for everyone to have a nap. After our naps, we played lazily around the house and then Baylor started to get cabin fever. Him and I headed outside to play and then for a nice bike ride around the neighborhood. He was just going with the flow all weekend and didn't care where we were, as long as we were playing and chasing each other around. At some point we ended up back in my room playing in front of the window and I got some more cute shots. This one is my favorite....

I love this little guy so much!


  1. Oh, I LOVE that last one!!! It's a framer!!!

  2. I think so too Rachael... I just caught him at the perfect moment and never would have imagined it would turn out so cute!