Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Flashback

This Monday I find myself extremely exhausted from the long weekend we had. I may be tired but I'm happy to be this tired. I am content and filled with happiness thanks to all the fun we've had with our little boy. Within the last week, Baylor has shown a significant change since starting his antibiotics for his ears. I hope it is truly working because for the 1st time in 9 months, I feel like I have my sweet little boy back. He is happy all the time, laughing, not crying or whining... just going with the flow. He has been tolerating shopping, going to work with Mom and long days of being out and about. 2 weeks ago, I would have never been able to do all the things we did this weekend with the way Baylor was acting before he started the antibiotics. We stayed busy all weekend from Friday to Monday with family time, birthday parties and work. Baylor and I started our Friday off with a date to Chick-fila and Target. Then Friday night, Baylor spent quality time with Daddy while Mommy went to a paint class with some girlfriends. Saturday morning, Baylor and I headed in to my job to get some things caught up. Then we went to Old Navy to start buying Baylor a winter wardrobe, taking advantage of the tax free weekend. From there, we headed home for Baylor's nap. As soon as Baylor was up at 1:15P.M., we headed to our first birthday party of the day, which was Griffin's 5th over at Mrs. Erin's house (this is my friend that watches Baylor while I work). Baylor had a great time with the skateboard decorations, all the other kids and swimming in the pool. Daddy met us there after he got off from work to share some ice cream and cake with Baylor. We all had a blast, as you can see:

Then we loaded up and headed to our next birthday party of the day: Landry's, who turned 1 year old. At this party, there was a clown that was doing face paint. I didn't know how he would do with a strange looking clown painting his face so we attempted to paint his arm and he didn't mind! So he got a crocodile on his arm.

Baylor was really intrigued with Landry's presents and was getting into them before Landry was. I had a hard time keeping him away from a plastic "Little People's" wagon he wanted to push around (now I know what else to get him for Christmas). He also really enjoyed the Elmo riding toy that had a propeller that he enjoyed stopping and going, stopping and going.

Baylor got to hang out with good friends like Ashton, my friend Christian's little boy. They attempted to blow on party favors but it ended up just sticking them in there mouth like they were stogies.

On Sunday, Baylor and I actually slept until 7:15 A.M. We got up and I made him and his Daddy some scrambled eggs, toast and bacon for breakfast. Then Baylor and I spent the morning playing around the house while Daddy went to church. When Baylor went down for his nap, I ran out to cut the front yard so I will not have to do it on my off days this week :). When Baylor woke up, him and I headed to meet Scott at the gym to have Sunday Funday at the pool. We stopped at McDonald's on the way in to grab us something to eat. We sat out under the pavilion by the pool and had a nice little picnic together.

Then we headed for the pool which Baylor just enjoys more than any thing! The boy tries to be a fish in the water, though he doesn't know how to swim yet. What he does know is that he has to keep his mouth closed when he goes under water. He even dunks himself under and will pop back up all on his own. He would try to swim out to his daddy in the deep end and would love it when Daddy jumped into the pool with him! We had such a nice family afternoon together at the pool.

What a wonderful weekend with my wonderful family and friends!

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