Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Speech Therapy Session 2 on 07.30.10

Baylor's therapy visit was fun and informative today. Baylor was not in the best mood when Mrs. Megan got there because he had just woken up from a nap and was still not feeling quite well. It took him awhile to warm up to her this week but he finally did when she pulled out the bubbles. She was blowing bubbles for Baylor while repetitively saying "bubbles" aloud to him. At times she would tap under his chin, near his throat and say "buh-bles", pronunciating it very clearly each time. Not long after that she blew some more bubbles and out came "buh-bul" from Baylor's mouth! I was so excited to finally hear a new word besides "Muh-ma" (but believe me I never get tired of hearing that), Dah-da and bye bye. I praised him for so long, he actually got tired of the attention I was giving him and moved on to something else. Megan also told me she wanted us to work on sign language with Baylor until we get his hearing back to normal. She told me kids his age pick up on sign language very quickly, her 10 month old is even doing it. This will help Baylor better communicate his needs to us until he can verbalize them, hopefully helping with his frustration and tantrums. What we are working on this week is eat, more and please:

You make this sign by bringing your hand to your mouth

You make his sign by bringing the tips of your fingers together and hitting them together repetitively.

You make this sign by rubbing your chest in a circular motion.

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